Ed and Freud

My dog Ed is obsessed with a Freud teddy bear. He is seven and has never shown any particular love of teddies in the past. But he seems to be able to find this teddy no matter where I hide it and loves to sit hugging it for hours.  I think it’s cute that it’s a Freud teddy and joke that Ed has a psychotherapist.  For whatever reason Ed finds it comforting to sit on the couch with Freud, so I let him borrow my teddy every once in a while.

I recently received bad news and my family got together to buy me a plane ticket home to Ireland from South Africa.  It is one of the kindest and most selfless things that anyone has ever done for me and it made me feel much loved and very proud to call such amazing people my family. I needed help and they were ready to pitch in and be there for me.

The same day I also got offers of coffee and support from friends here in Grahamstown – I took as many as I had time to take and have saved up some more for when I return from my trip home.

Also that week I got two emails from people from the past who reconnected me to things that were important and reminded me of my role in their lives. These emails were perfectly timed gifts from the universe to help me find perspective.

Whether it’s a teddy, a therapist, a friend or an email from the past – take it. Let the help in.

2 thoughts on “Take the help

  1. Trudy. You’re a diamond, so the light reflected from you touches us all – hence the wonderful kindness of your family and friends. Thinking of you and sending you much love x x x

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