“I’m perfect” – I never considered saying those words before. I never thought to apply them to myself. But I have now. I wrote the phrase “I’m perfect”, in the sand, on the beach today. I believed it. I still believe it now. It doesn’t mean that I can’t give you an endless list of my faults, it just means that I don’t care that I have faults anymore. I don’t care, and I believe I’m perfect, just as I am, right now.

Even stranger than realising I’m perfect, is realising that we are all perfect. When my daughter Meara was born in 2015, it was immediately apparent that she was perfect. Not perfect in an idealised way, but simply perfect in the way that she was exactly who she was meant to be, and no one else. She was herself, and only herself, uniquely her. Her hair and eye colour combination, was Meara’s unique configuration. Her voice was individual and unique to her. Everything about her was specific and particular and was the only possible way she could be, given all the things that contributed to making her. And so, this made her perfect. She was the perfect Meara, the only one of her exclusive kind. She’s still perfect now, and always will be.

So here’s a challenge. Can you write the phrase “I’m perfect”? Can you say the phrase “I’m perfect”? Can you believe the phrase “I’m perfect”? What would if feel like if you could?

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