The Garden Route South Africa, Trudy Meehan

If you sing everyday your hair will grow long

Mimi hated her hair. It was short and a dull brown, and the back was cut with so little care for styling that it looked exactly like a boys cut.  From the front it was a neatly trimmed crew cut similar to black and white photos of 1950’s gentlemen that she often saw in her father’s barber shop window.

Mimi was fourteen and to be fourteen with boy-hair was a particularly specific kind of teenage purgatory. Granted it was her own fault – she thought it would look cool; imagined she might look like a supermodel, that it would bring out her cheekbones and her eyes.  But no unfortunately, it did none of that.  So far all that had happened since the boy-haircut arrived was that Mimi had already been mistaken for a boy three times, twice been laughed at by her friends and once been pushed on the ground by the boy she liked.

The boy-hair had to go.  Mimi did some research and found a site called Witchipedia.  She found a spell to bring back her hair called “If you sing everyday your hair will grow long”.  Witchipedia was very specific about the song – it had to be warm and uplifting and could not include swearing, violence or references to “yo’ momma”.  So she decided to sing The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun  – a quirky upbeat jolly little number that had a mournful undertone that made the whole composition all the more beautiful.

And sing she did – “Here comes the sun – do, dun, do, do, here comes the sun. And I say, it’s alright”.  Every day she would sing and smile to herself, and warm inside with the tune. Religiously she would check her hair with her twelve inch school issued ruler but it never seemed to grow much at all. It seemed to grow at the pace that hair usually grows.  But Mimi believed in the spell and she liked to sing so she continued on each day with her song.

Weeks passed and Mimi was still singing, but she had started measuring her hair less and less.  There never seemed to be any significant growth so there seemed no point in checking.  Her hair was still short and still boyish.  But the funny thing is that she didn’t care so much anymore because she always had “Here comes the sun” and she knew that no matter what…it’s alright.

Listen to the song  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj1AesMfIf8

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