brave enough to hope

A friend of ours is busy living and fighting Cancer. We get updates by email from his wife. There are many highs and lows and nail biting moments in each update. We hold our breath and read every line wishing, all the time it will tell a good story. They are brave and dedicated fighters and travellers on this journey. I have no words to describe what they are doing.

In a recent update his wife wrote “Right now, I am full of hope – I can’t think that another position would be useful or tenable”. It made me cry, because I do not think I could be so brave as to hope. I was deeply humbled by F’s bravery to hope. I can only wish that I could be so brave. Are you brave enough to hope?

4 thoughts on “Brave enough to hope?

  1. My mom and grandma are both deep into a battle with cancer (grandma is in hospice), and I can identify with what you are saying about hope. I find that their journey wouldn’t be so hope filled if they weren’t trusting God with every step. Is your friend a Christian too?

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mom and Grandma, but glad to hear they are fighting. I think my friend and her husband would describe themselves as open to spirituality but not religious in a conventional way. I think hope is such a wonderful mysterious concept, it seems to stem from many different places for different people. Good luck to your Mom and Grandma!

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