street sigh by Trudy Meehan

I love this street sign in Greyton, Western Cape, South Africa. The street it Disa Street but I always just see the word “DISASTER”. So for me, the sign post represents all the life lessons the world has tried to teach me, from stay on the straight and narrow, be normal, take the mainstream approach, don’t do anything weird, TAKE THE MAIN ROAD! The sign says, “Take the Main Road…If you don’t you’re only heading for disaster!”

I’ve heard that message or a variation of it all my life and most of the time I end up heading off in the direction of disaster, and most of the time it’s been okay. There’s lots of rules and advice out there that will scare you into staying on the Main Road but sometimes it’s worth a look up the other street.  I took a walk up “DISASTER” or “Disa Street” as it’s properly known and it turns out it’s a pretty little dirt road. Nothing bad happened on my walk and I got to see a tiny hidden corner of the world that is off the Main Road.

Disa St by Trudy Meehan

The real Disa Street in Greyton, South Africa


I think we all need to be reminded that the Main Road is just one of the options that we have in front of us. We also have to remember that a lot of people will try to scare us and tell us that the road less travelled will lead to disaster. They say “Disaster”, I say “Disa Street”. It’s all in how you look at it!

For more on how you look at it see my earlier post on DISASTER here

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