Dog running

Ed posing as the dog running towards his freedom

There are some dogs who will run straight through those electric boundary fence things even though they know they will get a shock. Sometimes you have to take the shock and break the fence.

I’m not sure if any of you will know the electronic boundary device that I’m talking about. It’s basically a few posts and a single wire that is electrified.  So the ‘fence’ is simple one single line of wire.  The power of the line to contain rests in the fact that it sets up an electricity force field and when a dog runs under the wire, the dog gets a shock. 

Most dogs learn very quickly and will refuse to cross the line, nearly every dog will even avoid getting close to the line. But some dogs just run straight through. A friend of mine in Dublin, Ireland told me a story of a dog she knew. She said that dog would just put his head down, look hard at the wire and run real fast until he was free. That dog had worked out that it was just a line and that yes he got shocked but he was willing to take the shock, welcomed it even, because it meant that he could be free.

In life we need to do two things: work out that what feels like a fence is really just a line; and be prepared to take the electric shock. If we can do these things then there is little chance of us ever really being fenced or hurt by the shocks. 

2 thoughts on “It’s just a line…

  1. Brilliant. So simple and easy to visualize. Invisible fences can have a very strong hold on us.I think that most of us have one and Ed is making it look less scary. Good advice Trudy.

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