What kind of creative wings to you have?

 Take the creative wing test to see what kind of wings you have.  Remember we can have more than one kind of wings. Are you a dragon, a dragon-fly, a chicken, a black fairy or a paper aeroplane? Read the descriptions below and find the wing type that you work from most often. Maybe you will see some wings you would like to develop…

Dragon wings

Strengths  = Dragon winged people have lots of energy; their ideas are often huge and powerful; they are exhilarating to work with; have an excellent imagination; can be magical; they are wise; dragon winged people are daring and fierce; they never back down

Weakness = Dragon wings are heavy and cumbersome; it is difficult to learn how to use such big wings; they need a lot of energy for flight (creative work); when the wings flop they hit hard and it’s dark under them; it is often hard to find a way out from under the wings when they flop, this makes dragon winged people prone to depression; they are prone to self doubt and despondency; it is hard to maintain the high level of creativity that dragon wings demands

Dragon-fly wings

Strengths = Dragon-fly winged people are spritely and flexible; they are adaptive and responsive; enthusiastic and speedy; hopeful and always moving forward; they work well on your own initiative

Weaknesses = Dragon-winged people lose focus and interest quickly; they are delicate and easily disheartened; they don’t have strong self esteem; they often feel like they have too many ideas and don’t always follow through with action; they are loyal but prefer small familiar groups

Aeroplane wings

Strengths = People with aeroplane wings are solid; they seldom fail; they are a leader; steady; analytical; excellent stamina (good for long haul projects); their ideas are popular and easily understood but not always very original.

Weaknesses = When the aeroplane wing person does fail they usually fail in a spectacular way and will take everyone on the project with them; they can be inflexible and slow to respond; they are the least imaginative of all the winged people (imagination is encumbered by the practical)

Helicopter wings

Strengths = Like the dragon-fly but more robust and less dynamic; flexible and adaptable; responsive but does not have as much initiative as the dragon fly winged people; daring and willing to take risks; likes going out on a limb; works well in a team

Weaknesses = Too talkative; logic can limit their imagination; burns out quickly (poor stamina); needs to work in short intense spurts.

 Fairy wings

Strengths = Ideas are seldom but spectacular when they come; ideas are always unique and unexpected; fairy wingers are playful and mischievous; fun to work with; positive; sees the best in people and situations

Weaknesses = Fairy winged people tend to have low output rates; no stamina; fluffy; impractical in the extreme; tends to be too saccharin

Dark fairy wings

Strengths = Dark fairy winged people are sexy and flirtatious; witty and playful; very unique ideas; comfortable with darkness; dark fairies will take risks and push creative boundaries

Weaknesses = Humour sometimes too dark for most people; sarcastic; critical (of self and others) own worst enemy – prone to self doubt and indecision.

Kite wings

Strengths = Playful; can make something out of nothing; not bound by concrete thinking or practicalities; quick mind; joins the energy of others – good team member; trend maker

Weaknesses = Brilliant with ideas but needs help from others in getting them off the ground practically; ideas don’t always take off; ideas appeal to limited market

Paper aeroplane wings

Strengths = Aeroplane winged people have a good aesthetic eye; adaptable design skills; can make something out of nothing; uses the ordinary in unique ways

Weaknesses = Can be impractical; needs something concrete to work from; loses direction easily

Sparrow wings

Strengths = Excellent motor and spatial skills; can build things easily especially 3D models; good communicator; early riser – better in the mornings; generally easy to work with

Weaknesses = Easily ruffled – takes offence quickly; skittish at first and shy until you get to know them.

Sparrow-hawk wings

Strengths = People with sparrow-hawk wings are visionaries, the sees trends before they happen; quick minded; leader; can work independently; takes opportunities; optimistic; hard working; relentless

Weaknesses = Can be aggressive; competitive in the extreme; holds grudges; can be a bit of a loner

Chicken wings

Strengths = Chicken winged people are great in teams; very productive – produces ideas regularly; clever and sharp minded; good socially and excellent communicators; likes to develop their own ideas but also doesn’t mind working on development of other’s ideas either

Weaknesses = Not competitive so gets eaten by industry wolves too easily; can have unpredictable dry spells; can sometimes hold onto ideas; sometimes finds it hard to let others run with their ideas but hates to work alone

Owl wings

Strengths = Owl wingers use their senses more than logic or thinking; they are intuitive; they get a feel for things; excellent trend predictor but cannot always explain why something will be a trend; works well late at night

Weaknesses = Not good in the morning; intuitive nature means they can’t always explain ideas well in words so it takes others a long time to understand what they mean.

SO…what kind of wings do you have?

Dragon or dragon-fly; aeroplane or helicopter; fairy or dark fairy; kite or paper aeroplane; sparrow or sparrow-hawk; chicken or owl wings; or a mix of a few?

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