fairytaleThis is what it must be like to have a baby. I think about the blog all day and rush home after work to check on it and give it some attention. I am in love with the creative process, the space, the possibilities, the imagery and the stories and the people who might read the blog.

Well that is what it was like before my beautiful baby blog turned into an awkward ugly teenager. Suddenly nothing looks right. I can’t find a cover image for Facebook – they all look wrong. I have an eye for what’s wrong with the images (too busy, too much colour, clashed with the profile image) but I don’t have the skills to make it right! The pieces are too long and the words are jumpy and stilted. I have to create new images because I cannot keep using the pile of old images I have accumulated; they are jaded.

I was on the verge of giving up, thinking that I am not skilled or talented enough to be doing this and that everything I did was wrong when I remembered a sign that I had seen along the way…

creative projects become teenagers

Remembering the sign helped me to realise that the wolves had came and had taken a bite but they had not eaten me yet! My creative work was going through a teenage phase. It was just not as good in real life as it was in my head, or as good as I knew it should be. I had to rely on the knowledge that I did have a good eye and a creative spark, and that for the moment I would have to weather my inadequate gawky phase.

So in this journey to find and use my wings I have hit puberty way too fast and all my work and creations are out of sync and a little off…but I’m going to keep trying!

3 thoughts on “When your creative project becomes a gawky teenager

  1. Images look fine to me. One suggestion: you could try left-aligning the top image if you want the text to flow to the right of it.

    If you click on the image in the WordPress editor, then click on the little Edit Image icon (kinda looks like a postcard). Then select Left on the Alignment option, and Update. Then Update the post itself and voila! (Hopefully) 🙂

    I use WordPress a lot so if you get stuck on anything drop me an email 🙂

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