Finding my feet


Three friends diverged in a car and I, I took the words they guided me by.

Feeling like I never know which way is up – like a scuba diver under the water I have been surviving but not moving anywhere.  I think I have found solid ground today.  Talking with friends and travelling with them in a car after a day of gossip and laughter has loosened something, allowed the air to move.  I feel I might soon recognise the land I am in and get a feel for it.

We talked about everything – all pretty  much random with tenuous connections, but the magic element was they listened and they were genuinely invested in helping me find a way.  Find friends to listen, to care, to support you – that is step one if you want to use your wings.  We talked about writing and we happened on the idea of this blog – so in a way it is a totally collective creative endeavour, thank you R and D.

After the conversation in the car today, I came home and I have stopped moving, stopped thinking, stopped working – I have sat down and started this blog.  Of course the conversation was the catalyst but there is one other vital element in the mix here…my husband is away…I am alone…this surely must be step two in mastering my wings???

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