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My office is a mess, there’s a weird order in the chaos, but only I can understand it. There’s stuff everywhere. In my office, I can never find a pen when I need one.  But I arrived into work this morning to find my office looking clean and fresh. I found this amazing parade of pens, laid neatly upon my desk. One of our cleaning staff – Florence or Nosisa, or both – had been in my office, trying to work around the mess to make it clean. And they had taken the time, and the care, to find my pens, put them together and lay them out just where I would see them.  I am deeply touched by the though and moment of care that this seemingly small act took – I deeply appreciate it. I am all the more appreciative because I know that at the moment Florence and Nosisa are going through a big change in their work practices and are likely feeling strain. The cleaning services at Rhodes University have been centralised and this has meant a change and reorganisation of old work schedules and practices. Change like this is always difficult and brings with it teething problems and uncertainty. Yet despite going through this difficult transition in their work life, Florence or Nosisa took the time and bothered to neatly arrange my pens, to try to make my ridiculously messy office look a tiny bit neater. It reminded me that there are very good and kind people in the world and helped my heart feel happy. I don’t remember to say thank you to Florence and Nosisa but today I want to say it loudly and proudly – THANK YOU Florence and Nosisa!


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